Bozena Gustafsson

I was born in Poland – Gdynia in 1950, but have spent most of my years outside of my home country. My University degree is External Economics/ Foreign Trade from Gdansk University. Through my entire professional life I worked in the freight forwarding industry in the country of Sweden.

My interest for painting, actually, arose in the most stressful stage of my lifetime. Perhaps this was a way to find peace of mind in my existence, find inspiration and develop a new and exciting side of my own self. From this time, painting became a part of my daily life and also my passion.

I paint with acrylics on all size canvases and I use a variety of painting techniques.

Since some time back now, I get all my inspiration to my paintings – from Mallorca.

It is a beautiful Mediterranean Island that never seizes to amaze me, bring happiness, new energy and motivation to create something new.

If you find interest for any of my paintings, you are more than welcome to contact me.

With kindest regards